ICON’s advisory services help you understand and manage the risks associated with your real estate projects, positioning you for success.

Whether you are embarking on a new development or considering the options for an established property, we first take the time to understand your requirements and your situation, and then leverage our wealth of knowledge, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, and extensive network to generate the best solutions for your particular needs. We always represent your best interest, and with our expertise and market knowledge can provide dependable “outside” advice to guide you in making the decisions that will maximize your returns.

Our advisory services include


ICON supports you in achieving your investment objectives. Whether you are looking to strategically invest capital or trying to determine whether to sell or continue holding an asset, we will help you define your investment goals and then perform the legwork and analysis to support you in accomplishing them.

Asset Management

ICON makes sure that you achieve the maximum return on your investment. The success of commercial real estate investment involves much more than simply buying low and selling high—one must actively create value in the asset to sell high. We specialize in commercial asset classes that have high levels of operational complexity, and we represent your interests to ensure that your property is operated efficiently and positioned appropriately in the market. We also ensure that the appropriate capital expenditures are made and that the proper financing is in place.

Lender Relations

ICON can support you in dealing with your lender. With our experience in banking, underwriting, and appraisal, we speak the language of finance and understand what lenders are looking for, as well as how to best approach them. We are able to clearly communicate to you what your lender is looking for, explain why they are asking particular questions, and work with you on presenting the required information in a way that the lender prefers. Our focus is to make sure that you understand what your lender is looking for, while advocating for your interests.

Site Evaluation

ICON can help you navigate your entire development journey. If you have a piece of land that you want to develop but are unsure what to do with it, we will identify the questions that need to be asked and then help you answer them.

  • What can be developed on the site and does demand exist in the market to support additional development?
  • What financing sources are available for the development?
  • What return can be expected if the development proceeds?

We support you in creating the development project that both meets your return requirements and reflects your vision and aspirations.

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